Emergency Air Transportation – Should a member suffer a serious illness or injury, resulting in hospitalization and if the member is in need of specialized treatment, not available locally, then MASA shall fly him/her to the medical facility capable of providing such specialized treatment. Typical costs run from $10,000 to $100,000+

Commercial Air Transportation - Should a member’s physician recommend medical treatment at a hospital more than 100 miles from Member’s residence and requires at least 24 hour overnight hospitalization, MASA will pay the cost of Member’s roundtrip commercial coach airfare. Typical costs run $300 to $1000.

Ground Ambulance - Members are covered for ALL 911 emergency ground ambulance calls, even at home. MASA will arrange and provide ground ambulance for a Member to and from the medical facility to the air ambulance. Typical costs run $1,000 to $2,500.

Helicopter Transport – Members are covered for All emergency Helicoper service and any Hospital to Hospital transfers by Helicopter. Typical costs run $10,000 to $45,000.

Repatriation/Recuperation – If a Member is hospitalized while away from home, MASA will fly him/her home by Medically Equipped Aircraft to recuperate in familiar surroundings and be treated by their own Doctors in their own Hospital. This will allow other family members and friends to assist you in your recovery. Typical costs $6,000 to $50,000.

Return Transportation – MASA will fly a Member to a commercial airport nearest his/her home following inpatient hospitalization away from home to recoperate at home. Typical costs $200 to $500.

Non Injury Transport – If a Member is hospitalized away from his/her home for more than 7 days or is in critical condition, the member may select a family member to visit him/her during confinement. MASA will pay for roundtrip air transportation for the person selected. Typical cost $600 to $1000.

Escort Transportation – If a Member requires emergency air transport, MASA will also fly the Member’s spouse or other family member or friend to accompany him/her in the air ambulance, subject to space available.

Minor Children/Grandchildren Return - When minor children/grandchildren are left unattended as a result of a Member using MASA air ambulance service, MASA will provide one-way common carrier air transport for return of the children to the commercial airport nearest the place of residence of the children. A qualified attendant shall accompany the children on this flight. Typical cost $500 to $2000.

All Minor Children/Grandchildren are automaticly covered for every service while they are dependant on the member!

Vehicle Return - MASA will return vehicles such as Rv’s, cars, vans or trucks owned or rented by the Member when illness, injury or death requires use of the air ambulance service provided by MASA. The vehicle will be returned to the Members Benefits address at no cost. Rental vehicles will be returned to the nearest rental company office or agent. Typical costs $500 to $5000+.

Mortal Remains Transport – In the event a Member dies while away from his/her place of residence, MASA will return his/her remains to the commercial airport nearest his/her residence. Then return your vehicle. Typical costs run $1000 to $5000+.

Organ Retrieval – MASA will provide air transportation of an organ to be used in an organ transplant. Typical costs run $1000 to $5000+.

Organ Recipient Transport - MASA shall fly a Member to the commercial airport nearest the medical facility where an organ transplant is scheduled to be performed. Typical costs run $500 to $2000+.

World Wide Coverage – Gold Card Family Members are covered Worldwide for all services.