Q: How does MASA Assist work?
A: MASA Assist has handled medical emergencies all over the world for 40 years. We founded this industry in 1974 and we are the largest prepaid medical emergency service company in the world. A simple phone call to one of the MASA Assist professionals gets you started. All medical trip arrangements, all transportation costs, all other services are provided to you by MASA Assist.

Q: Does MASA Assist work while I am at home?
A: Absolutely! When you are in need of specialized medical treatment not available locally, MASA Assist will fly you by air ambulance to the hospital that can best attend to your needs; or if you become ill or suffer an injury that requires local transportation by ground ambulance or helicopter MASA Assist will be there for you.

Q: How does MASA Assist work when I am traveling?
A: If you suffer an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, MASA Assist returns you home for treatment or to recuperate in familiar surroundings. If you require air ambulance transportation, MASA Assist can send a relative or friend with you and if your vehicle is stranded MASA Assist will return that to your home by a bonded driver.

Q: How do I get home after I am hospitalized?
A: MASA Assist will return you to the airport nearest your permanent residence following hospitalization, either by air ambulance transport or commercial return, depending upon your particular medical circumstances. In addition, if you are hospitalized away from home for more than seven days, MASA Assist will purchase a commercial airline ticket for a family member or friend, via round trip airfare, to visit you.

Q: Who makes the decision if I am going to be transported by air ambulance?
A: Your attending physician and MASA Assist’s medical director determine when you will be flown and to the appropriate hospital. Once the decision has been made, MASA Assist takes charge of all the details and expenses.

Q: How much does an air ambulance flight cost?
A: Air ambulance transportation is expensive, sometimes $50,000 or even more! In most instances health insurance or Medicare coverage pays little, if any of this expense and they do not provide the other benefits that MASA Assist provides to you absolutely free of charge.

Q: What happens if I pass away while away from home?
A: MASA Assist will make the arrangements and pay for the return of a member’s remains to the commercial airport nearest to the member’s permanent residence.

Q: Will MASA Assist take care of my minor children if I have to be air transported?
A: Yes. MASA Assist will transport your children or grandchildren, with escort, back to their home.

Q: Will you bring my motor home, automobile or motorcycle back to my permanent address if I require air ambulance transport?
A: Yes. MASA Assist will provide a bonded driver to return the vehicle and furthermore, MASA Assist will pay for gas and oil utilized in returning the vehicle back home.

Q: Where can I use MASA Assist’s services?
A: MASA’s basic area of coverage is all of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), all of Canada, all of Mexico, the whole Caribbean (excluding Cuba), Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Bermuda. Worldwide Coverage is available with our Short-term Coverage. So wherever you and your family go, have the peace of mind, MASA is there with you!

Q: Where are MASA Assist’s air ambulances located?
A: MASA Assist’s aircraft are located throughout the world but especially in the western hemisphere. All of MASA Assist’s aircraft are medically equipped and depending upon the medical requirements of the individual member/patient, appropriate medical personnel will accompany the member on the flight free of charge.

Q: What is the price of a MASA Assist membership?
A: A Single membership is $240.00 per year and a Family membership is $360.00 per year with a one-time $60.00 initiation fee. Platinum membership is $540 per year for an individual and $720 per year for a family.

Q: Why should I purchase a MASA Assist membership?
A: An unexpected and serious illness or injury can occur, either while you are home or traveling, which requires specialized medical care not available locally, MASA Assist provides this service to you absolutely free, with no deductibles, no out-of-pocket expenses and anyone can join regardless of age or medical condition.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No. MASA Assist is a membership association, not an insurance company, which means MASA members are not subject to medical underwriting by a 3rd party insurance company. Everyone can join MASA Assist regardless of age.

Q:How do I become a MASA Assist member?
A: Simply fill out the application form and submit it with your choice of payment. 

Q: How can I obtain more information about MASA Assist benefits?
A: Contact MASA Assist’s toll free number 1-800-423-3226 for additional information or email MASA Assist .